Mangrove Charters

Mangrove Charters is now open for business. There are three different trips to choose from. The first trip is snorkeling, where we focus entirely on snorkeling. The second is guided paddleboarding trips through the mangroves and drift paddleboarding trips through the flats and the backcountry. Last is a combo or custom trip that may include snorkeling, …Read More

My Happy Place

Glass calm days in The Lower Keys are the days looked forward to each year. Warm mirror like seas reflect the sky and the two appear to unite, creating a horizonless view. These moments of solitude bring clarity and make living here all worth while. The sounds of water lapping against the hull, birds talking to each …Read More

Cuban Refugee Raft

This is not that uncommon in The Florida Keys. For many years cuban refugees have been floating across the gulfstream in hopes of making landfall. The rule states if they touch dry land they can stay.  I can’t help thinking that life in Cuba must be pretty shitty for them to risk not making it and those …Read More